What we do

From our home base in Southern NH, we coordinate the full-time efforts of multiple volunteer animal advocacy organizations including:

  • Puerto Rico based shelter organizations who accept stray animals, and provide care, medical attention, and behavior rehabilitation to prepare them for adoption
  • US and Puerto Rico based Transport Teams who transfer adoptable animals to the United States
  • US based shelter organizations and foster families that receive the adoptable animals, provide housing for them, and actively seek individuals and families to adopt them as pets

In collaboration with the above parties, we create, maintain, and administer the operational standards and practices that ensure that the animals within our network are well prepared for a successful transition to their new family life.

Hearts and Tails Officers and Members make periodic trips to Puerto Rico to provide on-site services comprised of educational/awareness campaigns and community outreach programs, as well as the facilitation animal transport and the adherence to transport preparation policies.

The Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance is a 100% volunteer-staffed nonprofit organization; all donations go directly to the efforts outlined above.