Vivien Goes Home!

Vivian, now “Fancy” goes HOME! We’re delighted for this sweet girl, who will live happily ever after with her new momma, Lisa, daddy Matt, and canine brother, Spike!

Vivian was rescued by one of our wonderful volunteers at Los Machos Beach in Puerto Rico back in August. Her canine momma, Valerie, was starving and suffering from mange, but she had the strength and courage to build a makeshift bed for her pups, using nothing but the pieces of trash she could drag together.

Lisa took one look at this sweet sato, and it was a foregone conclusion that they belonged together. The fact that Lisa’s grandmother’s name was Vivian only served to seal the deal!

Congratulations Lisa and Matt, and happy life sweet Fancy… (aka “Fancy-pants”)!!!

Note: Fancy’s canine momma, Valerie will be arriving in NH on Wednesday and is in search of her forever home! If interested, please check our adoptable dogs list for updates!

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