The “Tail” of Alex and Amelia

Meet Alex and Amelia. As with most, on this most recent trip to Puerto Rico, we made several trips to Los Machos Beach in Ceiba (a popular place where Satos hang out and irresponsible owners drop their unwanted pets). On our 2nd day, we spotted these two alongside the road that leads to the beach. After seeing their condition, we knew we had to help them. Starving, thirsty, and emaciated, they wanted desperately to trust us as we offered them relief. Alex, was more trusting and within the first hour was relaxing in the backseat of our car, enjoying a soft bed and air conditioning (so much so, that 3 times we took him out to coax Amelia that he jumped right back in the car to relax.) In total it took about 6 hours to earn Amelia’s trust enough to get her in the car as well.

From the beach, they went straight to our vet where they spent a few weeks getting the nourishment and care they needed before going to one of our partner-shelters where they were able to spend a bit more time acclimating to people and resting before their journey to the mainland.

Since then Alex and Amelia have been brought to New Hampshire are are now living their best lives in their new fur-ever families! Alex, (now Ryder) lives in Weare with his new daddy Randy and Amelia (now Daisy) is living it up on oceanfront (again!) just outside of Boston with her new daddy Lou.

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