The “Sato Sisters”

A couple weeks ago, we were in Puerto Rico offering food, water and love to the Satos living at Los Machos beach when we noticed two puppies following a car carrying a young boy who was calling out to them. We were able to distract them from the moving vehicle and they came over seemingly interested in what we were up to. They were too timid to approach us, but it was obvious that they wanted to. They’d approach and then retreat back a safe distance. After about an hour of sweet talk and persuasion – and delicious treats – we were able to win their trust.

Feeling the softness of the backseat of a car for the first time, these sweet Sato Sisters quickly drifted off to slumber. After much deliberating on the hour long ride to our vet, we settled on the names Willow and Juniper.

Luckily Juniper and Willow were in good health and were able to be spayed, vaccinated and make the trek to NH right away. Good fortune has already befallen them both since their arrival and Juniper (now Shay) is with her new mama, Karen, and daddy, Frank and Willow (now Grace Willow) is with her new mama Amy.

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