Tere Riera Carrion

Thank you for caring deeply about the welfare of animals. These beautiful four-legged souls, here in PR, USA really benefit from the incredible work Hearts and Tails does. It enables them to SURVIVE and go on to live healthy, happy lives.

Amy Bailey

These folks are the real deal. A small, grass roots organization doing hands-on work to make an impact on pet homelessness and overpopulation. And they are doing it right! My Gracie was neutered and fully vetted when I adopted her. She had all her shots and even came with the required state health certificate. Great peace of mind knowing they stand behind their adoptions and are there with advice and help if I have questions. I highly recommend!

Adri Galler Lastra

This organization is 100% worthy of your donations as every cent they receive goes to sterilizing, vaccinating and getting street dogs out of Puerto Rico and into loving, responsable homes in the North East. We love Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance!!

Karen DiPerna

Wonderful organization with totally self less owners Catherine, Melanie and Xavier. We were treated with kindness, understanding and professionalism, for our individual needs which is what drives their passion for the animals who need the love and care they deserve and need. I highly recommend this group to anyone who has the love and compassion for a rescue.

Sarah Crossman

Such a great cause! Please donate to this organization. Anything helps! There are so many strays still in Puerto Rico that deserve forever homes.

Athena Hardy

This organization is doing wonderful things for the street dogs of Puerto Rico where things have sadly become out of control. So many lives are being saved and these dogs are finally getting a chance to live a life of love. I support them 100%