“TAIL” of 2 Senior Ladies

It was her lucky day…

When 70 year old Joanne visited the shelter in search of a new companion, she was delighted to find a sleek, black feline with double paws. Someone at the shelter had given this lovely cat the name “Roxy”, which seemed to suit her (and Joanne) just fine. When Roxy first arrived at the shelter about a year prior to Joanne’s visit, the staff did not hold out much hope for her finding a home any time soon, as she had two strikes against her; at 6 years old, she would be less desirable than the younger cats and kittens, and (surprisingly) many people are unwilling to adopt black cats due to the superstition that is associated with them.

But fortunately for Roxy, Joanne was not superstitious, and she could certainly relate to ‘not being a kitten anymore’. So Joanne happily signed the papers; Roxy was packed into a cardboard carrier, and off they went to begin their new life together.

No one could have anticipated all the joy this attentive, loving creature would give to Joanne over the next eight years. During the day, Roxy could be found on the window sill gazing out at the birds, or curled up contentedly on the back of Joanne’s recliner. She and Joanne enjoyed their ‘play time’ when Joanne would dangle a catnip mouse attached to the end of a stick, while Roxy tirelessly batted it back and forth. Roxy’s nights were spent at the foot of Joanne’s bed – although she would sometimes sneak up to the pillow if Joanne would allow it.

So who am I referring to when I say “It was her lucky day”? Well, BOTH of them, of course!

It was a sad day in October of 2015 when Joanne was called to heaven, leaving Roxy to mourn the loss of her wonderful human mom, who had loved her so well. Roxy is now with me, and we miss Joanne (my beautiful mom) every day that goes by.

The shelters are full of cats and dogs with similar stories, who are waiting and hoping for a kind soul like Joanne to come and choose them to be their loving companion. Older pets are a wonderful option for seniors who would like to have someone to love, but can’t handle the task of training a rambunctious youngster. If you, or someone you know may be interested in adopting a pet and saving a life, please contact us at hatadmin@heartsandtails.org.

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