In loving memory of Nero Cota: March 27, 1997 – February 4, 2009

A beautiful soul left the earth this week.  On Wednesday, February 4, my good friend Nero was put out of his pain after a valiant battle with cancer.

Nero, a beautiful, mild mannered German Shepherd lived the first five years of his life in a crate, where his owners used him for breeding.  It is my understanding that he received very little attention and was treated as a commodity.  In February of 2002, when he had lived out his usefulness as a stud, his owners decided it was time to euthanize him.

But good fortune came into Nero’s life in the form of a new owner, who would give him more love and attention than he’d ever known.  Nero was delighted with his new home on the lake, where he could run and explore, and taste the sweet air of freedom.  Nero would live happily, and well-loved the remaining seven years of his life.

Those of us who had the privilege of knowing this gentle boy will never be able repay him for all the joy he brought to our lives.  My tears flow freely as I write this, and my heart aches more with every keystroke.  The unconditional love, devotion and loyalty that he gave to his owner will be remembered by all who mourn his loss.

–Cathy Bailey

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