Farewell to Marcus (AKA “The Black Dog”)

Our Hearts and Tails Family suffered a profound loss this past year. On October 15, 2023, the purest, most beautiful soul departed our realm, leaving a trail of broken hearts, as he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Marcus was the inspiration for the formation of Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance. This precious little man suffered more tragedy in his brief time on the planet than most will suffer in a lifetime. Fractured hip bones from being struck by cars on multiple occasions, starvation, and insect-borne diseases did not defeat his spirit – he struggled to survive as if he knew that someday, some kind humans would band together to give him the wonderful life that he so richly deserved.

Good fortune finally shone on Marcus on the day when he decided to follow the humans who would eventually become the founders of Hearts and Tails – as a direct result of this chance meeting. He was taken to the vet in Puerto Rico, who treated him with the utmost love and care. When he was well enough, he came to New Hampshire and found the most wonderful family, who could not have loved him more, to his very last breath, and beyond.

Marcus was one of the sweetest, most intelligent dogs we’ve been honored to know. Indeed, he was smarter than some humans, and was an eager student to absorb more knowledge. He could (and did) outsmart all of us at one time or another. Even on his last day on earth, he buried a special toy in the yard, and even though we watched him do it, we could not find the toy (which we wanted to bury with him) later in the day. He was always one step ahead.

His clownish mannerisms made us laugh until we cried, as he wanted nothing more than to please the humans who loved him. He enjoyed collecting “treasures” – anything left on the floor was fair game. But he never destroyed anything; his collection was extremely valuable to him, as he never had anything to call his own when he lived on the street for the first 2 years of his life.

Words cannot describe the enormous loss, or convey the depth of the sorrow we feel. An ocean of tears has been shed, and our grief is immeasurable. But although our hearts ache with his absence, we are blessed with all of the happy memories of our time with this lovely, affectionate, amusing and endearing boy.

There will never be another Marcus; he was truly an exceptional being. His love was genuine and pure, and we are devastated that his time with us was all too brief. The English language may not have words heavy enough to describe the enormity of our love for him. He indisputably left his “Mark” on “us”.

Note: This is Cathy writing, and this post is long overdue. It has taken me almost two months to summon the strength to write it, but I feel that I owe it to all of you to make this sad announcement. Many of you had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Marcus, and I will be forever grateful to all of you for your countless kindnesses.

Special thanks to Misty Boucher and her three lovely daughters, Grace, Avery and Claire for giving Marcus the best years of his life, and a colossal amount of love, such that is rarely seen.

And to Xavier Martin, without whom Marcus would never have made it from the streets of Puerto Rico, to the loving arms of his family and friends in New Hampshire.

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