Creating Innovative Solutions for Complex Issues

Our partner network consists of an ever-growing alliance of experts, including people from animal shelters in both Puerto Rico and New England, as well as transport organizations and veterinarians in various locations.

The shelters of Puerto Rico were founded decades ago, and are staffed by dedicated animal advocates who work tirelessly, 24/7, 365 days a year. Many of these individuals have been championing for the island’s stray animals for over 25 years – long before the issue of overpopulation gained global awareness. Historically, in areas where humane resources are sparse or have been exhausted, the ability to create and maintain the operational controls needed to ensure a successful transition to a new home life in the US is severely limited.

With the help of Hearts and Tails, some of the largest, most established rescue organizations in New England have committed their efforts to receiving the adoptable pets of Puerto Rico, and pairing them with suitable families and individuals.  Combined, these organizations work diligently to place over 10,000 animals into new forever homes each year.

Hearts and Tails addresses the challenging task of coordinating the complex logistics within the borders of the US, in an attempt to allow the Puerto Rican shelter personnel to focus on their already overwhelming, daily activities.

Countless people in both locations have made incredible sacrifices, managing only to tread water against a tide that rises faster than they can swim.  Hearts and Tails aims to keep them afloat, by establishing and fostering the relationships within our network that facilitate the smooth transition from the hapless stray to the well-loved fur baby.