Byron goes to Virginia

When dear, distant friends of ours from Virginia inquired about whether or not we ever find German Shepherds while working in Puerto Rico, we had a feeling we knew why. We knew that our journey, was likely reminding them of their beloved shepherd Nero who passed a couple years ago. When they said they would consider adopting another if we found one, Byron immediately popped into our minds. We replied immediately and said “What if the perfect shepherd for you only had one eye, would that be okay?” And we sent pictures of the forever-winking Byron. With zero hesitation, they hit the nearest Petsmart in search of the best dog bed and toys they could find for the newest addition to their family.

Bryon is a young boy who was found wandering the streets not long after Hurricane Maria missing one eye. We’ll never know why but it was an easy issue to resolve, and he doesn’t care in the least! He is a sweet, goofy boy and between the wide open land, horses, chickens, his fur-sister Nattie and the rest his loving family, any dog would be considered lucky to live his new life.

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